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What is Gnosis

Tree-Of-LifeThe word Gnosis is derived from the Greek language, and means "knowledge of an intuitive comprehension of spiritual truths". Gnosis is a knowledge that cannot be arrived at through books or lectures, but rather through one’s own direct experience of reality. Gnosis is often referred to as knowledge of the heart, in contrast to knowledge that is obtained through the use of the intellect. Gnosis is not just theoretical, but one hundred percent practical. Through direct experience we surpass the boundaries of belief and disbelief, since both lead to ignorance. Through Gnosis one personally learns to experience reality directly, rather than believing or disbelieving, accepting or rejecting, and comes to know the inner truth.


What is "The Truth"

universe-and-starsMany people believe in God and many people are atheists, they do not believe in God. There also exist many individuals who neither believe nor disbelieve; these last ones try to behave well in life just in case there is a God.

We say that the belief in God does not mean to have experienced that which is the Truth, that which is called God. We say that to doubt the existence of God does not mean to have experienced the Truth. We need to experience that which can transform us radically, that which many call God, Allah, Tao, Zen, Brahma, Inri, etc., etc.

The mind of the believer is bottled in belief and this is not the experience of that which is the Truth, God, Allah, or whatever one wants to call it. The mind of the atheist is embottled in incredulity and neither is this the experience of that which is the truth, God, Brahma, etc, etc. The mind of the one who doubts the existence of God is bottled in scepticism and this is not the truth. Read More--->

Will Gnosis satisfy the sincere spiritual seeker?

Mountain-PathIf you are someone who has searched and searched and has become tired of so many theories then as they say "you have come to the right place". Gnosis is for those who are tired of theories and only want real, practical, tangible and perceivable results.

It is said in the Gnostic teachings that Gnosis lives in deeds and withers in abstractions. Also, there are also two doctrines, one is the doctrine of the 'eye' and the other is the 'doctrine of the heart'.

The doctrine of the eye is the intellectual study of esotericism or spirituality whose end result is a only head filled with information that at best comes from the real experiences of others. The doctrine of the heart is different in that it is the practical study of esotericism. It is to experience for oneself and therefore to know and be impacted directly by the experience. Read More-->

What is "Peace"?

inner-peacePeace does not come through the mind because it does not belong to the mind. Peace is the delicious perfume of a tranquil heart.

Peace is not a matter of projects, international police, United Nations, organisations of states, international treaties or invading armies that fight in the name of peace.

If we really want true peace we should learn to live like a watchman in times of war, ever alert and vigilant, with a quick and ductile mind because peace is not a matter of romantic fantasies or beautiful dreams.

f we do not learn to live in a state of alertness form moment to moment, then the path which leads to peace becomes impossible, narrow, and after having become extremely difficult, it finally ends in a dead end alley.

It is necessary to understand, urgent to know that the real peace of a tranquil heart, is not a house where we arrive and find a beautiful maid happily waiting for us. Peace is not a goal, a place, etc. To pursue peace, seek it, make projects around it, fight in its name, make propaganda about it, establish organisations to work for it, etc., is totally absurd because peace is not of the mind. Peace is the marvellous perfume of a tranquil heart.Read More--->